New Price List 2017 in effect since March 1st, 2017.


FEMI-CZ 0 "Support Elements"
- UR 2 50x50 channel with length 3 meters and thickness 3,0 mm.
- Wing nut.
- New articles introduced in Achor Head Screws.
- New articles introduced in Beam Attachments.

FEMI-CZ 2 "Cable Ladders"
- New accessories for mounting: long horizontal adjustable joints with Length=500mm, wall fixing plate, 90° connection joint for CZ2 Series, Cable cleats

FEMI-CZ 4 "Wire Mesh Cable Tray"
- 100 pieces packing for Fixing Clamp and Connection Clamp  

The new Price List is available, in PDF format and Excel, free downloadable in the section "Price List".

It is possible to ask for one or more paper copies directly to our area agency or through our documentation request form.


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