FEMI-CZ RESISTS FIRE! Contributing to safety of infrastructures in case of fire.

A particular attention for safety of people in buildings of public usefulness, transport infrastructures, commercial and industrial organizations, under fire conditions.
With this important aim FEMI-CZ cable tray systems have passed the fire resistance test obtaining the certification E90, highest classification proposed by the German regulations DIN4102-12, reference text at an international level for this test typology. Based on this qualification FEMI-CZ cable tray systems have allowed the cables contained inside to keep the electrical signal during the fire exposure for more than 90 minutes at 1000°C, without collapsing!


Basically the test validates maintenance and integrity of the electrical installation in case of fire, assuring the essential services (fire resistance, emergency lights, ventilation, etc.) to work correctly for a period of time sufficient to allow the rescue organization in case of fire.


FEMI-CZ certificate is available through this link:
--> http://www.femicz.it/cms/sites/default/files/downloads/CERT-RESISTENZA_FUOCO.pdf


Our technical-commercial department is at your disposal for possible information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us:
- tel: +39 0425 470711
- email: commerciale@femicz.it
- skype: femicz_sales


Thanks for the attention given to us.

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