New Price List 2016 in force from January 1, 2016.

The new Price List does not introduce increases but it applies discounts on certain items thanks to improvements and production optimizations.


FEMI-CZ 0 "Support Elements"
- New "PP end caps" for the brackets Uni-band 56S (cod. A0P56S) and Bi-band 57S (cod. A0P57S).

FEMI-CZ 2 "Cable Ladders"
- New CZ 2 bolted series replaces the old FEMI 2 series.
- New "PP end caps" for the CZ Series 2 (cod. B2X03BX ...).
- The HP 2.22 clinched is in stock and therefore ready for delivery, in the heights 75 and 100 mm both in Sendzimir and galvanized versions.


The new Price List is available, in PDF format and Excel, free downloadable in the section "Price List".


It is possible to ask for one or more paper copies directly to our area agency or through our documentation request form.

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